Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CRM: Customization Control

A client asked: Should only one person in our organization be responsible for customizations to CRM?

Customizations cannot be undone and are cumulative. For example, if you add an attribute on a form and deploy, there is no easy way to remove the attribute from the entity.

To remove the attribute, what you have to do:
* If attribute is not a required field then go to step 3.
* Set attribute to be not required field
* Save and publish the changes
* Remove attribute from the form
* Save and publish the changes
* Remove attribute from the entity

Save and publish the changes. Because of this process, we take extra care in tracking and maintaining the CRM customization changes.

The recommended method:
* Make someone (the CRM Champion) in charge of schema changes
* Define roles so that only this person can make customizations
* All others have to send customizations to the CRM Champion

This does not mean that no one else can be involved in development or customizations. It just means that all requests for development need to go through the CRM Champion first.

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