Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GoldMine: Customizing the Service Center

A client recently asked: Some of the tabs in the Service do not appear to our needs. Can these be customized?

Yes, you can customize the Service Center tabs to your particular needs. You can can add or delete a tab, rearrange the order in which they appear or rename the tabs.

At the Service Center, in the tabs area, click the More tab which appears left of the tabs. A list of the tabs appears.

* Click Customize.
* The Display Tabs dialog box opens.
* To add a tab, click on the checkbox next to the tab
* A check appears in the box and then click OK.
* The tab is added.

* To delete a tab, click on the marked checkbox.
* The check disappears. Then click OK.
* The tab is deleted.

* To rearrange the order of the tabs, select the tab
* Click the Move Up or Move Down
* Click OK.
* The tabs order changes.

* To rename a tab, select the tab and click Rename.
* Type the new name in the dialog box and click OK.
* The new name appears on the tab.
* To make this change global throughout GoldMine
* Click Customize tab labels globally.

To abandon the changes, click Reset and then click OK. The original tabs and tab order appear.

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