Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GoldMine: GoldMine Reports are Missing

A client asked: Following our upgrade, certain GoldMine reports are missing from the list of reports. How can this be resolved?

This could be caused by a user accidently deleting a report or by an install or upgrade. To resolve, see the following:

* Verify the report exists in the report folder (under GoldMine)
* Log into GoldMine > Open the Report Center
* Select Go to > Report > Reports
* Right-click on a report foler (e.g. Analysis reports folder)
* Click ‘New’ > Name the report (e.g. 'New Completed Sales by User’)
* Browse out to the correct filename ‘compsale.fp’
* Click ‘OK’

Test report the report by running the Report Center.

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