Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GoldMine: Universal Search Problems

A client had this problem: When running Universal Search, there are never any results returned (regardless of the search). What could be causing this?

This could be caused if Universal Search is not installed properly or if there is a configuration issue with SQL or its services.

To resolve this issue:

* Log into GoldMine as a user with master rights on the Server
* Select Tools > Configure > System Settings > Advanced
* Uninstall Universal Search and close GoldMine
* Start > Run > services.msc
* Right click on each SQL service and select properties.
* Go to the Log On tab and check the log on account being used.

For all SQL services this should be set to the same account. It can be the local system account or a specified user account but all SQL services need to be using the same logon.

* Restart the SQL Full-Text and SQL Server services
* Open SQL Management Studio
* Browse to the database that will be used with Universal Search
* Right click on the database and select Properties
* Go to the Files page, be sure 'Use Full-Text Indexing' is checked
* Launch GoldMine and install Universal Search


Ricardo said...

I have this problem with an user in particular. I have tried it in more than one workstations and the problem is the same in all of them. Any idea what is the problem and how to work arond it?

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