Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GoldMine: Where is Universal Search?

A client asked: When I look for Universal Search, it is not displayed. How do I resolve this?

First, look under Go To > Search > Universal Search. If it does not appear there, then most likely it was not installed when GoldMine was installed.

You can install Universal Search after the fact, however, there are seveal conditions that must be met:

Verify that the Full-Text Service is running:
* Open SQL Management Studio
* Check for Full-Text Search in the Management folder
* Right-click > Start.

If the Full-Text Service is started the Full-Text Indexing must be enabled at the database level
* Open SQL Management Studio > Expand databases
* Right-click the GoldMine database > Properties
* Select File tab > Check ‘Use full-text indexing’

To install Universal Search, you must launch GM with a SQL Login that has sysadmin privileges (recommended: use the default ‘sa’ account with GoldMine. Check the GM Alias Manager for configured SQL login). Also you must be running SQL 2005 to install Universal Search.

To install Universal Search:
* Select Tools > Configure > System Settings
* Click Advanced tab > Click Install on Universal Search

Following the installation, select Go To > Search > Universal Search. Run a search to make sure Universal Search is functioning.


Kurt said...

Thanks for the post. GoldMine asked me if I wanted to install Universal Search after I changed my account to use the sa credentials.

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