Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HEAT: Automatic HEATBoard Issues

A client asked: Is it possible to automatically create a HEATBoard issue when a Call Ticket reaches a certain priority level?

Yes, you can use BPAM and the new HEATBoard Issue autotask action to create a HEATBoard issue, populate the issue with the current call description and link the current ticket to the HEATBoard.

Step 1: Create the autotask

In the Specify Action Type dialog box, select HEATBoard Issue, then click OK. The Create new HEATBoard Issue dialog box opens.

* In the Name field, type a name for the HEATBoard Issue action.
* In the Text field, right-click to insert a HEAT field value
* Insert the Call Desc field from Call Logging
* In the Save to View section, save the HEATBoard Issue to Global.
* In the Linked Calls section:
* Click Allow Linked Calls and Link Current Call
* Click AutoClose-closes linked calls when the Lead Call is resolved.
* Click OK.

Step 2: Create the business rule

* Using the business rule editor, select Add Rule
* Select 'When a ticket is changed'
* Select 'All Records in a Call Group'
* Select the group showing HEATBoard Issue calls
* Select the Autotask created above
* Name the Business Rule and click Finish

When this rule is activated, it will track calls that meet the criteria for a HEATBoard Issue and create it automatically.


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