Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HEAT: Customizing the User Interface

A client asked: Does HEAT support custom toolbars? How do I add a toolbar?

Call Logging allows you to create custom toolbars and add buttons to the toolbar as you need them. An individual user's toolbar is associated with the user and is available at any network workstation the user logs onto.

To Create a Toolbar:

* From Call Logging, select Edit > Toolbar > Customize.
* The Customize dialog box opens.
* Click the Toolbars tab.
* Click New. The New Toolbar dialog box opens.
* In the Toolbar Name field, type a name for your toolbar.
* Click OK. The new toolbar is listed in the Toolbars list.
* Drag the new toolbar to the desired location to dock it.
* In the Customize dialog box, click the Commands tab.
* From Categories, select the category containing the button to add.
* The associated buttons appear in the Commands list.
* Drag and drop the buttons to be displayed onto your new toolbar.
* Click Close.

To Delete a Toolbar:
(Note: You can only delete toolbars you created.)

* From Call Logging, select Edit > Toolbar > Customize.
* The Customize dialog box opens.
* Click the Toolbars tab.
* Select the toolbar you want to delete, then click Delete.
* Click OK to confirm the deletion.
* Click Close.

Themes allow you to customize your UI (user interface) by setting colors, backgrounds, menu bar options, and other features. Several themes are available in HEAT. Note: When you set a theme, the theme is activated for the entire HEAT suite.

To Set a Theme:

* Select Edit>Toolbar>Customize.
* The Customize dialog box opens.
* Click the Themes tab.
* Select a theme. The preview shows the theme changes
* Click Apply, then click Close.

All applicable modules in the HEAT suite are updated to display using the selected theme.


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