Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MSCRM: Using SQL to Find an Entity Description

A client asked: How do I access the description of an entity? Where is it stored?

Due to multilingual support in Microsoft CRM, there is a localized label table used to store the entity description value (and entity label) that you must query. The sql statement to access the description of an entity is below. 1033 represents the English label value.

Substitute the entity name for which you need the description at the end of the last line. The example below uses account:

Select Label from MetadataSchema.Localizedlabel
where LanguageId = '1033'
and ObjectColumnName = 'Description'
AND ObjectId = (select entityid from MetadataSchema.Entity where Name = 'account')

Run the query above in SQL Management Studio against your CRM database.


Anonymous said...

Hey David

Is it possible to access the entity name through a filtered view?


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