Tuesday, December 8, 2009

QuickBooks: Customize Reminders

A client asked: I don't want to see all the reminders, only the To Do notes. How do I change this?

To have only your To Do notes display each morning when you open QuickBooks:

* From the Edit menu > Preferences > Select Company Preference
* Click on Reminders > Click on "don't remind me" for all
* Do not click on "To Do notes" (click on "show list")
* My preference tab, click show reminders when opening company file

To enter a new to do:

* From the company menu > To do list > Ctrl + N
* Each morning you may want to print the to do list.
* From the Company menu > To Do list
* From the "To Do menu button", click on print report.
* To print a single to do, highlight the to do
* Click print note.

Be sure to make inactive all completed "To Dos" or your list will become unwieldy. From the company menu > To do list > Highlight the to do > Ctrl + E to edit.

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