Monday, December 7, 2009

QuickBooks: Inactive Lists

A client asked: What can I do with list names that are not being used but can't be deleted?

When a list name is no longer used but cannot be deleted because of prior activity you can hide it from sight by making it inactive. To do so, do the following steps:

* Highlight the list item (Customer or Vendor or Account)
* From the edit menu, select Make inactive or;
* Ctrl+E to edit and click on the option make inactive or;
* When at least one name is set to inactive click on show all,
  and in the column to the left of the list name
* Click once to place an ‘X”.
* Remove the show all checkmark when done

All list items/names (including inactive) will continue to show up in the reports for any given period as long as there was a balance in that period, except inventory items, so be sure to print and save all end of period inventory reports before inactivating inventory items.


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