Monday, January 25, 2010

ACT: Document Tab and History Tab Attachments

A client asked: How do I attach files to ACT! and where are they stored?

There are several places where you can attach files or documents. There places include Contact, Company, Group or Opportunities. Where you find the Attach icon or Add Document button, you can either select 'File' which copies the file to the Attachment folder and creates a link to the record or 'Shortcut' which creates a link to the file on your PC (Note: shortcut attachments do not sync).

Within a Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity, you can maintain five types of attachments in the History tab. These are:

* A file created and linked when printing using the Write commands
* A file created when you sent an email and selected attach to history
* A file created and attached when you created a Quote
* A file attached when you scheduled or completed an Activity
* A file or shortcut manually attached to the History tab

You can also attach files or shortcuts to the Documents tab. Adding non-ACT files or shortcuts to the Documents tab keeps them with the record for quick retrieval.

To add a file or shortcut to the Documents tab:
* Click the contact, company or group where you wish to attach a file
* Click the Add Document > select File or Shortcut
* Browse and select the file > click Open

The Documents tab shows the file name, the file size, the file type and when it was last modified.