Monday, January 25, 2010

ACT: Receiving and Send Meeting Requests

A client asked this: Can I use ACT! to both send and receive Outlook Meeting requests?

Yes, when you are working through ACT!, you can send and receive Outlook Meeting Requests. When you accept a Meeting Request in Outlook, it is automatically added to your Outlook calendar. You can also add this Meeting Request to your ACT! calendar.

To add an Outlook Meeting Request (invitation) to ACT!:
* Open the Meeting Request in Outlook > accept the Invitation
* The ACT! Schedule Dialog appears > verify the contacts included
* Complete any activity details > click OK

A copy of the Meeting invitation is added to your ACT! calendar.

Sending a meeting request, however, is different than accepting an invitation as it relates to ACT! and Outlook. Creating a new Meeting Request in Outlook will not create an Activity in ACT!.

If you want to create Meeting Request that appears in both the Outlook and ACT! calendars. you need to start the Activity in ACT! and put a checkmark in the 'Send Invitation Email' checkbox.

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