Monday, January 25, 2010

ACT: The Task List and Calendar

A client asked: Which is a better scheduling tool in ACT!, the Calendar or the Task List?

If your day is filled with meetings, conference calls or other events scheduled at a specific time, the Calendar views would most likely be your preference. If, on the other hand, you spend your days with task-oriented activities (phone calls, to-do's, etc), then you would want to work in the Task List.

The Calendar and the Task List are presented in different views, however, they contain the same data. Unlike Outlook, if you schedule an activity in the Task List it also appears in the Calendar and vice versa.

The Task List is similar to the Activity tab of a contact record. The difference is that the Task List displays the Activities of all contacts.

To use the Task List:
* Select View > Task List
* Enter the filters desired
* Filter on Date, Activity Type, Priority and User

After filtering on the Current Week in the Task List, click the Calendar tab. Select the Weekly tab and you will see the same Activities list there in Calendar format.

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