Thursday, January 28, 2010

GoldMine: The Improved Toolbar

Do you know about the improvements to the GoldMine Premium Toolbar?

The Toolbar displays in a more readable format in GoldMine Premium and also takes up less space. It’s definitely worth revisiting your GoldMine toolbar and making sure you’ve added icons for the functions that you use frequently.

It is also much easier to add any menu choice you wish:

* Select the drop down from the end of your existing toolbar
* Choose 'Add or Remove Buttons' > select from 'Standard' choices
* As an alternate, you can also click 'Customize' on your toolbar
* Then drag any menu item from the Commands tab to the toolbar.

In older versions of GoldMine, setting up your toolbar could be a time consuming chore. Now you can easily rearrange and add to the Toolbar in a few minutes.

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