Thursday, January 28, 2010

GoldMine: Improving the Email Client

Would you like to improve the GoldMine email client and add more formatting features?

I often hear clients say that they wish that GoldMine had a better email client.
If this is your case, you may want to check out the GoldMine email features below that can get overlooked. (Note: these options require that HTML email is selected).

Bullets: Adding bullets to emails is possible. It is not on the email toolbar, however, if you right click on your highlighted text you’ll be able to select 'Style' from the local menu and on that list you’ll see the option for 'Bulleted List'.

Numbered List: A numbered list is also available from the Style menu.

Background Image: Inserting a background image is available from the toolbar as well as the right click menu under 'Insert'.

Heading Options: A quick way to add a bold heading to your email is to select one of the various heading options under the Style menu. They go from largest to smallest (1 is the largest).

Hyperlink: Insert a link behind any text, which will be available when the reader clicks on your text. This feature is available from the toolbar as well as by right clicking on your highlighted text and selecting Insert > Insert Link from the menu.

Of course, you can always create an email template with elaborate graphics, backgrounds and interactivity. If that is what you need, then use an HTML editor to create a template.

Sometimes, however, simpler can be better. Simpler emails get through spam filters easier and with the features above can be easier to read and are more often are replied to. Don't lose sight that the objective is to get your message read and the features above can help clarify your message.

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