Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GoldMine: Setting up Gmail in GoldMine

Is Gmail compatible with the GoldMine mail client? If so, how do I set it up?

Yes, Front Range made enhancements to Goldmine Premium Edition 8.5 which now allows you to use Gmail with their email client.

To add your Google email account to Goldmine, do the following:

* Click on Tools > Options
* Select the Email Tab > Click Accounts
* Under Account name, type a descriptive title for your Gmail account

Here is what you need to do to send and retrieve:

On the Getting Mail Tab:

* Leave the Pop3 radio button as is
* Under server, type
* Enter your username and password.
* Select Auto-retrieve and Auto-Delete
(which will retrive your email and delete it from the server).
* Select “Use encrypted connection (SSL)”
* Update Port to 995

On the Sending Mail Tab:

* Under SMTP server, type
* Type in your email address, username and password.
* Leave Authentication on Login
* Click on “Use encrypted connection (SSL)”
* Update Port to 995

Test your Gmail account in the GoldMine Mail Center.


Anonymous said...

The SMTP Port should be 465.

David Tripp said...

Thanks, typo on my part. You can also use TLS and port 587.

Jonathan Hurdman said...

My experience seems to be that using auto-delete will only archive the e-mails, not delete them. Do you know of a way to do this?