Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GoldMine: Taskbar Problems

We are trying to add a Task Bar to GoldMine and having problems. We are following the correct procedure but cannot get past the first step. What might be causing this?

First, here’s how to create a new task bar group and item:

* Click on the Customize option on your tool bar task bar
* Right click on the task bar
* Select “Add New Group”
* Give it a name and select “OK.”
* Start inserting items to the new group

If you are using the procedure above and getting nowhere, you should check your User Preferences:

* Click Edit > Options > System tab
* Under Navigation > check Use Classic Goldmine Menu
* Click OK

Under the GoldMine Windows menu, the option for Taskbar should appear. Select it and then right click on the Toolbar. You should now be able to follow the procedure above.

In addition, GoldMine users with master rights can customize the Task Bar to create either Global taskbars (for all users) or Local task bars (just for each user).

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