Monday, January 18, 2010

HEAT: Approve Self Service Tickets

A client recently asked: We would like to approve HSS or ATG tickets before they are seen by our technicians. Is there a way to lock a ticket so that others cannot see it until it is approved?

Yes and this is an excellent idea. Tickets generated by end-users using self service methods like HSS or ATG normally require a number of additions or changes before they can be addressed.

The steps below will allow you to specify the staff that can approve tickets and only they will be able to view self service tickets that have not been approved.

* Using Administrator, create a Team that will see unapproved tickets
* Add approvers to the 'New Ticket Team' > ignore other HEAT users
* Select Administrator > Security > Roles > Select Non-Approvers role
* Select Rights > Call Groups > Turn off Rights except for:
- Simple Searches: Yes
- Global call groups: Open
- My Hotlist: Yes
* This will limit access to the New Ticket Team to Approvers only

Create a Call Group with the expression {CallLog.CallType} = 'From Web" or whatever Call Type you use for self service tickets. Save this Call Group to the New Tickets Team. For all other Call Groups, add {CallLog.CallType} <> 'From Web".

This will prevent the Non-Approvers from seeing or changing the self service tickets. When an Approvers logs in, they would select the New Ticket call group from the New Ticket Team to approve.

Approval would involve adding missing information, correcting information entered by the end-user and then changing the Call Type from 'From Web' to the correct type (e.g. Equipment). This will allow Non-Approvers to see the tickets and begin work to resolve the issue.

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