Monday, January 18, 2010

HEAT: Business Rule Protection

A client asked this: What can we do to protect our existing business rules while developing new rules?

One approach is to use a Development system to create and test new rules and then use the BPAM import/export function to move the new rules to your Production system. The import/export function is also a good method to backup rules.

After creating new rules on the Development system:

* From the Business Rule Editor, click File > Export
* Select one or more rules to export
* Choose a place to store the .hef file > click Export

Note: if you check Process Linked Items at the bottom of the window, it will retain the Call Group and Auto Tasks used for the rule.

After you export the rules from the Development system, you can import them into the Production system as follows:

* On your Production system, open the Business Rule Editor
* Select File > Import > Browse to the exported .hef file
* Click Import

The new rules will be added to your Production system.

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