Friday, January 29, 2010

MSCRM: Adding to the Training Marketing List

We showed you how to create a Marketing List using a workflow. This Marketing List tracks interest in purchasing classes. So, how do you populate the Marketing List with these students?

An easy way is to use Advanced Find that adds Accounts or Contacts that have received quotes for a Class:

* Setup the Workflow and Marketing List (below) for classes
* Open Advanced Find and select the type to add (Account? Contact?)
* Click select and add Quote (Potential Customer)
* Select name contains e.g. CRM 101
* Save the Advanced Find as CRM 101 Quotes

When you want to populate the CRM 101 Marketing List, open the Marketing List and click Manage Members. Use Advanced to Add Members and select the saved Advanced Find named CRM 101 Quotes.

This will give you a list of interested students and provide a means to communicate with them.


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