Friday, January 29, 2010

MSCRM: Creating Marketing Lists with Workflows

One thing I have always wondered about is the ability of the CRM 4.0 workflow to create a Marketing List. Why would this be useful and how would you use it?

After some thought I have come up with the following scenario:

I am starting to offer CRM training courses at a training center. The training will be broken down into various levels and courses.

So, it would be nice to have a Marketing List for each course so that I could communicate with any person that has purchased the course.

The Workflow
Create a workflow that will automatically create a Marketing List when a new Course is created. In my case, I am using Products to list the courses, so that is my Entity in the workflow.

The workflow needs to run when the Course (Product) is created, so check the Record is created check box. I also checked On Demand so that I could start the workflow manually.

There is only one workflow step involved, which is the actual creation of the Marketing List record, which is structured as listed below:

Create: Marketing List [Set Properties]

The name is the Product Name (Course Name). The Member Type is Contact, since all of my users will be Contacts. And the Purpose is a summary of reason for the Marketing List withe the Product Name inserted.

Publish the Workflow and create a new Product (e.g. CRM 101). Go to the Marketing tab, select Products and check that your new course has been created. Open the Marketing List section and your CRM 101 Marketing List should be created. If not, you can create it by running the workflow manually.

Using a workflow to create new records is pretty standard stuff, however, I find the option to create a Market List unique and something that should start you thinking about new ways to use workflows.

Note: this process could be further developed by creating an Entity called Classes (instead of just using Products) and also by developing javascript that adds the student to a Marketing List once they have purchased a course. With these additions, you would have a solution that is fully maintained without additional user actions.

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