Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GoldMine: Reduce Taskbar Clutter

We use the GoldMine Taskbar to link to key documents. Over time, however, it has become cluttered. Is there a way to organize these Taskbar documents?

Yes, one way to remove the clutter from your Taskbar is to change the way you link to your key documents.

First, organize the Taskbar links into logical groups (e.g. Operations, Development, and Deployment) that encompass the linked documents. You can then modify the Taskbar to link to these groups instead of individual documents.

You would do this as follows:

* Right click on the Taskbar > click Customize Taskbar
* Right click and add the Groups for your documents
* Add an item to Group > select Website (instead of Document)
* In the URL, add a file location instead of a url
* Enter file:/// followed by the drive letter and path

This will open a folder of documents (instead of a single document) where you can then select from any document in the Group. The Taskbar will then be organized into folders of documents instead of individual document links. This will go a long way to reducing Taskbar clutter.

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