Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ACT: Customize Activity Types

The Activity Types are very limited. Can I customize them?

Yes, but do not add Activity Types lightly. Once created, an Activity Type cannot be deleted, only edit or deactivated. You also must have Administrator or Manager roles to create a custom Activity Type.

To create a new Activity Type:

* Select Schedule > Manage > Activity Types > click Add
* Enter the Activity Type Name (e.g. Billable) > Select an Icon
* Click OK

To use a custom Activity Type:

* Open the Calendar > Right click, Schedule > Select Other
* The custom Activity Type will appear as part of 'Other'
* Select your custom Activity Type > complete the entry

Once you have created a custom Activity Type, you might want to open previously defined tasks and redefine them with the new type. If in the future, you no longer want to use the Activity Type, you can inactivate it by selecting Schedule > Manage > Activity Types > Delete.

ACT! will pop up a prompt stating that you cannot delete the Activity Type but that you can inactivate it. Once inactivated, it will no longer appear as an option when scheduling, although tasks already containing the custom Activity Type will retain it.

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