Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ACT: Query Based on Changes to Data

I want to know what contacts have had no activity since the beginning of the year. Is there an easy way to search the contact history for changes (or lack of changes?)

ACT! keeps track of every change you make to a Contact record. This includes field changes, scheduled activities, opportunities or even changes to a note.
Because of this tracking, you can lookup any contact whose opportunities have changed in the last 30 days or whose record has not been touched since 2009.

* Select Lookup > Contact Activity
* Select Changed or Not Changed
* Select the Since Date to specify the date range
* Select the areas of the contact to search
* Click OK

Depending on your selections, the search checks for changes to contact records, changes to notes, changes to opportunities, new or changed history items and uncleared activities. These options can be combined in any way you choose.

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