Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ACT: Share Notes

A client recently asked: When we have several contacts from the same company, is there a way to share Notes without retyping them?

Yes, the Notes feature in ACT! is very versatile and provides Notes sharing, filtering and formatting. Despite this functionality, however, Notes should not be used as a substitute for History information.

To use the Notes functions:

* Select a Contact > Select Notes > click 'Insert Note' icon
* To link the Note to other contacts, click the 'Contact' button
* Accept the date/time or modify to a scheduled date/time
* Attach any files or shortcuts to the Note
* To allow viewing by a Group or Company, click 'Share With'
* You can add formatting, bullets, change fonts, etc to the text
* At the bottom, you can mark the Note as Private

When you open the linked Contacts, all the text entered, attachments and formatting will be displayed in the Note for each linked contact. If you change a Note, a dialog box will ask if you want the change made to all contacts or just the current contact.

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