Friday, February 26, 2010

GoldMine: To Archive or Not Archive

A client asked: Is it necessary to archive contact data on a periodic basis or should I leave everything in one database? If I archive, how is it done?

The question of archiving GoldMine data has been around for some time. In the older versions of GoldMine with BDE that were be approaching the 2GB limit on the Email table, archiving of email was common.

In more current versions (without BDE), it is more common to recommend that you keep all data in a single database that shows information regarding a contact whether that data is from last month or five years ago. That's the point of a CRM program, to have everything available about a contact. You can then use Universal Search to mine the data for what you need.

Should you decide to archive your data on a yearly basis, you would do the following:

Create a totally new, and separate database each year. At the end of each year, export the entire GoldMine database to the new GoldMine database. Setup an Alias for that database in GoldMine. Once you are assured that everything is over there, you can delete all records in your Active database, and begin the year with a clean database. If you don't want to recreate all the Contact1/Contact2 information, you could export those from the Archived database into the Active database. (Both exports would been done using the SQL Management Tools). Of course, make sure you backup GoldMine before doing anything.

In general, however, the consensus is to not archive data from a GoldMine database. This older data could prove very valuable during calls or meetings with customers and you want it at your fingertips. So, unless you have a compelling reason to archive, leave the data where it is.

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