Thursday, February 25, 2010

HEAT: Disabled Business Rules

A client asked: Why do my BPAM rules disable themselves?

First, you must follow a set routine when commmitting changes in HEAT. This is the reason why BPAM rules can become disabled. When you commit a change, the HFW file must be rebuilt before the service runs. If not, then the BPAM service stops and disables the rules as a precaution.

If you follow the steps below when committing changes, then your BPAM rules should never auto-disable themselves.

* Save the Edit Set
* Stop all services/modules (BPAM, ATG, HMC, HSS, WebUI)
* Lock all users out of the system
(Security > User Status > Select All > Lock)
* Create a HEAT Archive File (haf) file
(Database > Export)
* Re-open the Edit Set
* Pre-commit the Edit Set Verify
* Commit the Edit Set (create a second set of back ups)
* Log into Call Logging and check all changes
* Enter any necessary validation data
* Unlock users
* Restart all services an modules

If the above procedures are followed, then your rules should never auto-disable. However, if something happens, by keeping your rule list clean can make all the difference. Remove rules you don't use and keep all enabled rules at the top of the list. This way, if your rules become disabled, restarting will be simple and straightforward.

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