Saturday, February 27, 2010

MSCRM: Finding Workflow Errors

A client asked: We are looking for a better way to diagnose errors in newly created workflows. What are the tools or methods that are available?

MSCRM 4.0 workflows can have a 'Waiting' status is they are waiting for a timer or if an error has occurred. To determine if an error has occurred, do the following:

* In the web client, go to the 'System Jobs' in the settings area
* Click Advanced find > Edit Columns
* Click Add Columns > Select columns 'Error Code' and 'Message'
* Click 'OK' twice > Click Find to execute the query
* This will bring up the workflows that have executed.

If the workflow ran into an error the error code and message column will contain details. You can find the meaning of the error codes on

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