Wednesday, February 24, 2010

QuickBooks: Modify Report Fonts

How do I change the font size and color in the QuickBooks reports?

You don't need to accept the default font settings in the QuickBooks reports. In fact, you have a great deal of control over the size, type and color of the information that appears in the various QuickBooks reports.

To change the font settings on a report, run the report of your choice, then click the 'Modify Report' button in the upper left hand corner, then click the 'Fonts and Numbers' tab.

Select the area of the report you want to change, click the 'Change Font' button, make your selection, and continue to click OK until you exit the window. Your report will then reflect your updated font preferences. Be sure to click the 'Memorize Report' button when finished so QuickBooks knows you want your own copy of the report saved with these customized settings.

You can also set the default font settings for all QuickBooks reports by following the steps below:

* In the menu at the top, click Edit, then Preferences
* Click Reports and Graphs, then the Company Preferences tab
* Click the Format button, then the Fonts and Numbers tab
* Make your changes and click OK until you exit Preferences.

To change back to the original font settings, repeat the steps above, and click the Revert button instead of the format button. Click OK until you have left the Preferences window. Your reports will return to their original fonts.