Wednesday, February 24, 2010

QuickBooks: New Custom Fields

QuickBooks Enterprise has more custom fields with new functionality that can benefit businesses in terms of data accuracy.

The new custom fields appear in several places:

* Item list
* Customer list
* Vendor list
* Employee list

The Item List: open an item in QuickBooks Enterprise, click the 'Custom Fields' button and then click the 'Define Fields' button, and you will see a window that allows you to define additional information about information required, types of transactions required and define types of data.

Improvements to Item List custom fields include:

* Use up to 15 custom fields instead of 5
* Predetermine the type of data used in the custom field.
* You can also choose from a variety of number options
(phone number, date or create your own custom number)
* Require that the field be filled in on a transaction
* Require that the field be filled when the item is added to the list

You also get more choices of custom fields when it comes to customers, vendors, and employees. For example, when reviewing the details of a customer account, click the 'Additional Info' tab within the customer account, then click the 'Define Fields' button and a window appears that allows you to define a number of custom field attributes.

Improvements in these custom fields include:

* A total of 20 custom fields to be shared across lists.
* The same choices on the type of data as shown in the item list
* Make entry of data into these fields mandatory on a transaction
* Make entry of data mandatory when setting up a customer, vendor or employee

The new custom fields in QuickBooks Enterprise makes capturing important information easier and more reliable.

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