Wednesday, February 24, 2010

QuickBooks: Viewing Time Reports

If you are using QuickBooks to track time, you most likely are familiar with the reports available when you click Reports > Jobs, Time and Mileage.

These report include:

* Time by Job Summary
* Time by Job Detail
* Time by Name
* Time by Item

But there are many other ways to display the data on these reports. Click the "Modify Report" button the upper left hand corner of these jobs/time and mileage reports. You then have another option (under the Columns section) that says 'Display time grouped by' with several options. These options change based on the Time report you are viewing.

For example, pull up the Time by Name report and these additional grouping options appeared.

* Time by Name by Job
* Time by Name by Item
* Time by Name by Job by Item
* Time by Name by Item by Job

If you open the Time by Item report, you would see similar options, but the choices would begin with 'Time by Item'. This one feature greatly increases the usefulness of the Time reports.

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