Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ACT: Create a Custom Dashboard

We would like to create a custom Dashboard for our sales staff. We plan on using the Dashboard Designer to modify an existing Dashboard. Can you provide details?

1. Create a new Dashboard.
* From the Navbar, click Dashboard to display the default.
* Click Edit.
* From the File menu in the Dashboard Designer, click Save As.
* Type Sales Team Dashboard. Click Save.

2. Replace the Activities by User bar chart with an Activity List.
* Click the Activities by User to open Component Configuration.
* On the Activities by User page, under Component tasks,
Click Select Display Type.
* On the Select Display Type page, click List View. Click Next.
* On the Edit Default Filters page, click Next.
* On the Edit Header/Footer page, select Activities by User
* Change it to Activity List.
* Click Preview to view the reconfigured component.
* Click Close. Click Finish.
* ACT! displays a warning about changing the default filters.
* Since no one is using this Dashboard, click Yes to continue.
* Click Close.
* Click the Save tool.

3. Modify Opportunity Pipeline by Stage to display sales data.
* Double-click the Opportunity Pipeline by Stage component.
* On the Opportunity Pipeline by Stage page, under Component tasks,
click Edit Default Filters.
* Under Users, hold down the CTRL key and select users. Click Next.
* Under Component tasks, click Change Totals.
* On the Change Totals page, select the Show totals check box.
* Click Finish.
* Click Yes. Click Close.
* Click the Save tool.

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