Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ACT: Record Types

A client asked: What are Record Types and how are they used?

ACT! has parent and extended-data record types.

Parent records are:
* Contacts
* Groups
* Companies
* Opportunities

Extended-data records are owned (or co-owned or shared) by parent records. Extended-data records are:
* Activities
* Notes
* Histories
* Secondary contacts (contacts only)
* Products (opportunities only)

A user's access to a parent record limits his access to its extended-data records.

Think of the information in the database as having two levels, with parent records at the top level and extended-data records at the bottom level. The record access of the parent record cascades down to any extended-data records. So, if a user has no access to a parent record, such as a contact, the user also cannot access the extended-data records, such as notes, that belong to that contact.

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