Sunday, March 28, 2010

HEAT: HSS Banner

We use our HSS banner for general announcements. Is there a better way to utilize this part of the HSS form?

The banner sits right at the top of the HSS screen and can be used for several purposes to help the service desk deal with call load, call duration and decreasing the cost of the service desk.

* Prevent calls from being made. If the end-user population is trained to check HSS before calling the service desk or if the HSS form is a part of the corporate website, then the banner can display the network status. For example, it could state that "all systems are up and running" Or, when there is a problem, it could state that "The email server will be down under 11:00am". This provides information that could prevent a large surge of calls when a server is down.

* Add the pager number or cell phone number of the emergency on-call technician. Make this part of the banner (as opposed to the Contact Us section of HSS) so it is more visible and easier to change.

* Add notifications of events that will be occurring tomorrow. This will provide advance notice so that changes or maintenance that will be done will not disrupt the end-user's plans and result in a call to the service desk.

Remember that the banner is in a prime location and does not require any additional clicking of links to get to the information, so keep the information important and timely.

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