Sunday, March 28, 2010

HEAT: New Tabbed Forms

In Call Logging, is there a way to make items more visible? There are many functions (e.g. Call Groups, Support Mail, Attachments) that are buried under menus.

In HEAT 9.5, the latest version, the Display preferences allow you to create more tabs than in previous versions of HEAT. Also, some items have been added to the Call Logging form as tabs that were previously hidden behind the form.

To add new tabs to the Call Logging form:
* Select Edit > User Preferences
* Select the Display tab > Select Tabbed layout
* Click OK

This will add Call Groups, SupportMail, and My Hot List to the top of the Call Logging form as tabs. In addition, the new Attachments tab has been added to the Call Logging form. These additions provide visibility of a greater number of functions without sorting through numerous menu items.

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