Thursday, April 29, 2010

ACT: Lookup Contacts by Activity

Did you know that you can lookup ACT! contacts based on their scheduled activities?

Follow the steps below:

* Select Task List from the View Menu. Your Task List will appear.

* Now select Filter Task List from the View Menu.

* The Filter Activities dialog box will appear.

* Filter the activities you want to include.

* You can filter on date, type, priority, etc.

* Right click on the Task List window and select Create Lookup.

ACT! will then create a lookup of all contacts with the activities listed in the task list.

1 comment:

RossT said...

Although your information is very useful (thanks), it does not solve the problem I am having, which is. .
I have a Lookup of X Contacts, all with the same Activity, but all with different Activity dates and priorities. After completing the original Activity for all X Contacts I then create a new future Activity for all X Contacts.
Now I want to remove the original Activity from all Contacts in the Lookup- and can't find a way to do that without going to each Contact individually and removing the original Activity. Pain in the butt when the Lookup is 50 or Contacts.