Friday, April 30, 2010

GoldMine: Consistent Lookups

We would like to standardize our lookup lists and then lock them down. How do we do this to make sure they don't keep changing?

To ensure that data entries are consistent in a database, you must set security options for each F2 Lookup. Using these security options standardizes data field values.

Note: To access the F2 Field Setup dialog box, you must have Master Rights.

* Click on a right-facing field arrow of a field or select F2.
* At the Field Lookup dialog box, click Setup.
* The F2 Field Setup dialog box opens.
* In the Field Name text box, type the name for the lookup list.

This can be the name of the field you are creating, its lookup, or a general name if you are planning to use the lookup list with more than one field. To use the lookup with more than one field if you will be importing the lookup entries, type a Field Name.

* In the Field Settings area, select from the following:
* Allow blank input. Keeps the data field blank.
* Selecting this option lets GoldMine skip the field when the value is unknown.

Selecting Allow blank input for a required field prevents you from determining whether the field was supposed to be empty. Retain more control over field entries by including a lookup value of N/A to indicate that no lookup value applies to the field.

* Force valid input. Requires selection of an F2 Lookup list value to update the field. GoldMine allows only entries that appear in the lookup. If an invalid entry is attempted, GoldMine displays the lookup and highlights the item closest to the actual field entry.

* Insert closest match. If an entry is typed in a field that does not match existing lookup entries, GoldMine inserts an entry that most closely matches the typed value. GoldMine changes the entry when the cursor is moved from the field. To enable this option, select Force valid input.

Because GoldMine inserts the entry that appears to be the closest match, Insert closest match can place an incorrect value into a field.

* Capitalize first letter. Capitalizes the first letter of the entry.
* Pop-up when selected. Displays the corresponding F2 Lookup when the field is selected.
* List existing data. Lets users look for the existing values.

For example, there are contacts with New York, Dublin, Moscow only. So, F2 Lookup will show these cities only. This option will disable new F2 Lookup navigation (by two fields).

* Allow adding. Lets users add entries to the F2 Lookup.
* Allow editing. Lets users edit the entries in the F2 Lookup.
* Allow deleting. Lets users delete entries from the F2 Lookup.
* Auto Fill. As the user types, GoldMine places the closest matching entry from the lookup in the field.

Import lookup entries from another field. Select this when importing an existing F2 Lookup list and then select the field name from the drop-down containing the information to use as entries in the lookup list. After selecting a field and closing the F2 Field Setup dialog box, entries corresponding to the selected field appear in the lookup.

Lookup list depends on another field. When this checkbox is selected the lookup value for a field depends on the value of another field called a master. For example, if you want all entries in the City field to be in the state of California, then you would check this box and in the Field name field, you would select State.

If this box is not selected, all values can be added to the Lookup list.

* Contact radio button. Allows the user to select a master field from the Contact1 table.
* Case (Opportunity, Calendar, Case and so on) radio button. This radio button allows you to select a master field from the corresponding table.

When the form is completed click OK.

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