Friday, April 30, 2010

GoldMine: Scheduling from Meeting Requests

Did you know that the GoldMine Meeting Request option emails meeting request to GoldMine, Outlook, and other iCalendar-enabled applications.

You can:

* Be the meeting organizer or the recipient of the email meeting request. Schedule an activity from a Meeting Request received in your email from a contact, whether the sender created the activity in GoldMine or another iCalendar-enabled contact management application.

* Retrieve the meeting notice as you would in other Internet email. After retrieving the notice, if you accept, GoldMine records the activity in your Calendar.

* GoldMine decrypts the winmail.dat meeting requests created by Outlook and displays them to users, making it easier to work with Outlook-generated meeting requests.

To create Meeting Requests:

As organizer of an activity, you can send a meeting request for the activity to a user or contact who has iCalendar enabled.

* Select Schedule > an activity. The Schedule an activity dialog box appears.

* Complete the Details tab with the appropriate information.

* On the Details tab, select Send a Meeting Request to the contact.

* On the Users tab, select the GoldMine users to include in the activity.

* On the Resources tab, select the resource to schedule with the activity.

* On the Recurring tab, select the date span, frequency, and monthly schedule of a recurring activity.

Note: Outlook is unable to resolve the Skip Weekends option in GoldMine. If you are sending a recurring meeting request to Outlook users, do not select skip weekends in GoldMine.

* On the Group Schedule tab, select the group of contacts to send the meeting request to.

After configuring scheduling options, click Schedule. A meeting request is sent to all participants.