Friday, April 30, 2010

GoldMine: Server Agents

Is it possible to synchronize Outlook email with GoldMine?

Yes, you can use the Server Agents to do this.

To start the Server Agents:
* Select Tools > Services > Start Server Agents.
* The Process Monitor displays information about the Server Agents.

Use the Server Agents Administrator to synchronize data between GoldMine and Outlook at a specified frequency.

* Select Tools > Services > Manage Server Agents.
* The Server Agents Administrator dialog box appears.
* Click the Outlook Sync tab.

In the User's Settings area, select the user in the drop-down list. This is the user whose Outlook account you are synchronizing to GoldMine.

* In Active Period, select the days that the agent will be active.
* Type or select the active time period for each day from the F2 clock.
* Select the Profile in the drop-down list.

In the Frequency area, type or select the number of days, hours, minutesGoldMine waits before initiating the operation. Note: The minimum amount of time is 5 minutes. Click OK.

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