Friday, April 30, 2010

GoldMine: Knowledge Base Features

The Knowledge Base consists of the Knowledge Base, and the Personal Base. Configure them to present newly added information to the GoldMine user, control user reading and updating privileges, and search for specific entries based on user-defined criteria.

Topic pages are arranged in outline format. Locate information by navigating through different sections, conducting a search, or opening a linked file. Users with Master Rights can set up user access to the Knowledge Base; each connected user can set up information in his or her Personal Base.

GoldMine Knowledge Base Toolbar:

* A Adds a book to the Knowledge tree.
* B Adds a folder to the selected book.
* C Adds a topic to the selected book or folder
* D Displays the Topic or Section Properties dialog box.
* E Displays the Attach File tab of the Topic or Section dialog box.
* F Deletes the selected item.
* G Displays a Table of Contents in the lower right pane of the book.
* H Displays the Search dialog box and allows you enter search terms.
* I Launches attachments, graphics, or other applications.
* J On the What’s New tab, switches you to the selected item.

To add an attachment to a Knowledge Base document:

* Select the book, folder, or page to which to attach a file.
* Right-click and select Attach file.
* The Attached File tab of the Topic Properties dialog box opens.
* In the Attached field, browse to the location of the file to attach.
* If attaching an application, browse to the .exe file for the program.
* Select Synchronize the file to send the attachment to remote users.
* The path to the attached file appears on the Knowledge Base toolbar
* The Launch Attached File button is active
* To open an attachment, click the button or right-click, select Launch.

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