Thursday, April 29, 2010

HEAT: Adding Autotasks and Reports

What are the improvements to adding Autotasks or Reports to a form using the HEAT 9.5 Administrator?

In the past versions, you had to do the following to add an Autotask or Report to a HEAT form:

* Create an edit set > open the form
* Open the toolbox > create a command button
* Select Control > Connect > Autotask
* Browse to the Autotask desired
* Click OK > the Autotask is connected
* Click the command button > edit text displayed

Then, once the edit set was committed, this button would run the autotask or report connected above.

In the HEAT 9.5 Administrator, when you have the Autotask and Report Views open, the above steps are now handled by a drag and drop.

* Create an edit set > open the form
* Select an Autotask from the sidebar view
* Drag it to the form that is open

This process creates the button, connects it to the autotask selected and add a temporary text value (Command) to the button. You can then edit the text displayed on the button, commit the edit set and and you are done!

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