Thursday, April 29, 2010

HEAT: Administrator Design Enhancements

How do I use the new features in HEAT 9.5 Administrator? When I create an edit set, it looks the same.

When you create an edit set or quick customize, there are a number of new features. They are listed below:

* Tabbed layout of open forms
* Drag and drop fields
* Drag and drop Autotasks or Reports
* Ability to dock/undock parts of the screen

If you are not seeing these, you may have to adjust your settings.

If you do not see a tabbed layout in Admnistrator, if may be because tabbed layout is turned off in your Administrator user settings.

* Click View > Click Tabbed Layout
* Open a form and view results

You should now see forms/tables opened as separate tabs across the top of your Administrator screen. You can then move between different forms, tables or both by clicking on the tab.

To enable the other design enhancements:

* Click View > Click Field List
* Click View > Click Autotask View
* Click View > Click Report View

This will display fields, autotasks and reports on right side bars. These objects can then be used to design forms and tables in your edit set.

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