Thursday, April 29, 2010

HEAT: Binary Field Type

What is the new binary field type in HEAT 9.5? How is it used?

The binary field type allows you to add live images to your forms. For example, you can add a photo of an employee to their Profile form.

To add an image using the binary field type:

* Create an edit set > open the desired form
* Click Tables > add a field called Picture
* Select the field type of Binary
* Add the Picture field to the form

Change to the form view:

* Expand the Picture field
* Right click > select Attributes
* Add a text value if desired
* On the second tab, select fill or other features
* On the third tab, select the field
* Click Add Custom, browse to the image
* Select an alignment > stretch if needed

The image will now appear on the HEAT form selected. Commit the edit set and review the results in Call Logging.

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