Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MSCRM: Control Attachment Size and Type

Do you need to restrict the attachment file type or file size in Dynamics CRM? Using the steps below, you can control the type or size of attachments added to MSCRM.

If you want to restrict/allow a particular attachment file type:

* Click Settings > Click Administration > System Settings
* Under the General tab, you need to edit the blocked extensions
* Select the Set Blocked File extensions for attachments
* Enter the new file type to be blocked.
* Click OK

If you attempt to attach restricted file type, you will encounter the following message while attaching the file:

File Cannot Be Uploaded
The Attachment is not a valid file type

To control the file size of the attachment, you can reset the setting on the Email Tab of System Settings.

* Click Settings > Click Administration > System Settings
* Under the General tab, select the file size for attachments
* Enter the new file size > Click OK.

If you attempt to attach a file that is too large, you will encounter the following message while attaching:

File Cannot Be Uploaded
The Attachment is too large


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