Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MSCRM: Editing a Mail Merge Template in CRM 4.0

Do you know how to edit a Mail Merge template in MSCRM? Editing a template in CRM 4.0is fairly straightforward and can be done using the steps below:

* Open the CRM web client > Click on 'Settings'.
* Click on Templates > Select 'Mail Merge Templates'.
* Double click the template to edit
* Click 'Edit template in Word' on the toolbar.
* Word will open with the template displayed and some additional information about performing the merge. (Note: you may need to adjust macro security)
* Click on 'Add-ins' on the far right side of the Word 2007 ribbon
* Click CRM > At the Recipients box, click OK

You are now presented with your mail merge template. Check that an extra carriage return was not automatically inserted in the first line of your template. Go to the Mail tab in Word and make changes to your template (e.g. Insert Merge Field).

* Click the Office menu button in the top left corner > choose Save As
* Select 'Other Formats' > Save as an xml file (Word 2003 XML file).
* Name your template with a version # to keep track of versions.
* Close the Word document > return to the Mail Merge Template.
* Click 'Remove' to remove the existing template.
* Click OK to confirm that you wish to remove the template.
* Click Browse to select the new template just created.
* Click Attach > Click Save and Close and you are finished.

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