Friday, May 28, 2010

GoldMine: The Detail Tab Search

How do you search for information stored in GoldMine’s Details tab?

Unlike many fields in GoldMine, the GoldMine Details tab has a one-to-many relationship. Listed below are all the fields associated with a Detail. An example would be using Details to store and search for Serial Numbers.

GoldMine Detail Information:
* Detail Name: the type of information (e.g. Serial Numbers)
* Details Reference: the primary look-up (e.g. Product Name)
* Note: a memo field to describe the entry
* Audit Information: enters the date the Detail was entered
* Custom Tab: there is the ability to create a custom tab

Custom Fields: GoldMine Premium allocates 12 fields that can be custom labeled with predefined field lengths and formats.

How to Search for a GoldMine Detail:
* GoldMine Search Center: drop down Search By and select Details
* GoldMine Details Tab: right click on category of Details, select Lookup
* GoldMine Lookup Wizard: seach using custom SQL queries
* GoldMine Universal Search: find data stored in any Details field
* GoldMine Premium Dashboards: only in GoldMine 9.x

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