Friday, May 28, 2010

HEAT: Linking Call Records

A client asked: Can you link call tickets in HEAT?

Yes, there is a autotask function called Goto Call(Ticket). Use this action to search for a specific call record; performs the same action as Ctrl+G or File > Go to Call ID, enabling you to open a specific Call Record by its Call ID.

Utilizing HEAT field values, link calls by storing Call IDs in fields for a record, then execute the action using a command button, which results in the stored call record being opened.

To Create a Goto Call Action:

* Select Autotask > Manage Autotasks
* Click Add > Enter the Autotask Name
* Click Add > Select Goto Call(Ticket) > Click OK.
* The AutoTask Goto Call Action dialog box opens.
* In the Title field, type a name for the Goto Call action.
* In the Call ID expression field, type the Call ID for the call record (as
shown in the Call Status Banner).

With your cursor in the Call ID expression field, you can also click Insert to use HEAT field values, @Functions, filenames, temporary filenames, assignments, journals, or counters to configure an expression that identifies which call to go to.

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