Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HEAT: Pop-up Search

A client asked: We save related ticket numbers in the Call Description. Is there a way to prompt for a keyword to search the Call Description to find these tickets?

Yes, one way would be to create the following Call Group:

* Open Call Logging
* Select Group > Open Call Group > Click Add
* Give the Call Group a name > Copy the formula below into Expression Text

CallLog.CallID in (Select CallLog.CallID from CallLog where {CallLog.CallDesc} like '%'+@Prompt('Keyword')+'%')

* Save the group > Create a toolbar icon to launch the group
* Click the icon to launch the Group > Enter a ticket number in the Keyword field
* A group will be created of all records that have this ticket number in the Call Description.

This will bring up an input box whenever this Call Group is opened. The expression can be modified to use any table and any field.

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