Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HEAT: Reset CallID

A client recently asked: Is it possible to reset the Call ID back to '000001'?

Yes, although it requires that you have access to SQL Server and can edit tables. To begin, you should open Enterprise Manager/SQL Management Studio.

* Open the Heat database > Open the HeatSeq table > Return All Rows
* Locate the Call ID field > Enter 1 (or whatever value you want)
* Close the HeatSeq table
* Open Call Logging > Open the All Calls call group
* Select File > Delete Record
* When prompted to delete the record or the group, select the group

This will clear all tickets and set your Call ID back to 000001. This process can be done when first setting up a Heat system and need to remove the test tickets and reset the Call ID back to 000001. Be sure to backup your SQL database before starting any of the steps above.

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