Wednesday, June 30, 2010

QuickBooks: Importing Customized Templates

A QuickBooks user asked: Is it possible to import a customized template that was previously setup?

Yes, you can import a customized template that was created in another QuickBooks company file. To do this, you will first need to export the template from the company you created it in.

To do this:

* From the Lists dropdown, select Templates.
* This will display a list of all available templates.
* Choose the template you wish to export
* From the Templates dropdown, select Export.
* Save the template file and close this company.

After opening the company you want to import the template to:

* Select Templates from the Lists dropdown
* Select Import from the Templates dropdown menu.
* Choose the template you just exported.

Your template will display in the Basic Customization window, where you can rename the template or make additional customizations if you wish.

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